If sequenceFlow is default?


i need in my code to recognize the ‘default flow’ Sequence Flow

for example


i have 2 sequenceFlows (one is default flow, the second is regular)

How i can find it in code.

export function isDefaultSequenceFlow(element): boolean {
    return is(element, 'bpmn:SequenceFlow') && isDefaultFlow(element);

export function isDefaultFlow(element): boolean {
    // TODO

How to do it (in code)?

We have a similar helper function internally: UnsetDefaultFlowBehavior#isDefaultFlow

function isDefaultFlow(connection, source) {

  if (!is(connection, 'bpmn:SequenceFlow')) {
    return false;

  var sourceBo = getBusinessObject(source),
      sequenceFlow = getBusinessObject(connection);

  return sourceBo.get('default') === sequenceFlow;

The core aspect here is, that the source of the sequence flow indicates it in its default property.

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