IE: Storing a diagram not possible

I want to save a diagram in my downloads folder. But instead saving Internet explorer opens a new tab with the url (see below). How can I bring IE to store the diagram in my download folder? Thank you in advance for answer.


I suppose you’re using our demo.

Unfortunately IE does not support downloading without a roundtrip to the backend.

I suggest you to use a modern browser (any browser really) instead.

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Use below code for downloading diagram in IE

var blob = new Blob([xml], {type: “data:application/bpmn20-xml;charset=UTF-8;”});
if (window.navigator.msSaveBlob) { // IE
window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob(blob, “diagram.bpmn”);

I am sorry, but where can I apply this code in the browser? I want to use demo in the browser from everywhere. Would you be so kind and tell me the place to enter this code?
Thanks in advance

I think by using demo application you can’t achieve this functionality.You must customize the application and do.

Thanks for the IE download hint @Ramana.

We’ve updated our demo to support direct downloads with IE, too.

Thanks a lot. FOr this time I use FIrefox to go around this problem.

Have a good day