(ID)-Number in the Task-Element

Hello team,
I would like to give each task a number (eg ID) at the bottom right. How can I achieve this?
Sense of the thing is that you have the task numbers at a glance.

Could you share a mock-up of what you’d like to achieve? You’d usually identify the tasks by position and name, so what should the number be about?

A consecutive numbering.

Why would you consecutive number elements?


The task is named in the text field. The numbering should be lower left.
The point is that you can see which task was created first, which task was created second, and so on.


Hi @A.N

So you want to do it automatically on the creation of a new task element?

Therefore you have to create a custom task element, which has a custom property, e.g. creationNumber, a logic, which includes incrementing the number of a newly created task, e.g. with a custom ElementFactory, and a modified BpmnRenderer which is able to render the new number property. Please take a look on the custom elements example for a guidance.