I want to implement modeler's custom snapping

i want to customize 2 files (diagram-js/lib/features/snapping/Snapping.js and bpmn-js/lib/features/snapping/BpmnSnapping.js)

let addModules = {
additionalModules: [
init: [ ‘customSnapping’, ‘customBpmnSnapping’],
customSnapping: [ ‘type’, customSnapping ],
customBpmnSnapping: [ ‘type’, customBpmnSnapping ]

i implement 2 custom files, and add modules.
but my custom source is not running and the original bpmn source is running.
My source is only partially executed.


Could you please:

  1. Format your code
  2. Share your setup on a CodeSandbox, so that we can help you: https://codesandbox.io/s/bpmn-js-sandbox-3zkw0