I want to customize the color of the line and arrow of the whole flowchart. How can I do it

I want to customize the color of the line and arrow of the whole flowchart. How can I do it.
What’s the best way,online help

I think this example will be a good starting point.

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Although I didn’t do it as you said, I simply realized what I needed. Thank you for your reply

// 自定义连线和箭头的颜色

    const drawConnection = bpmnRenderer.drawConnection

    let customConnectionColor = function(visuals, connection){

        let res = drawConnection.call(bpmnRenderer, visuals, connection)

        let eleId = visuals.childNodes[0].style['marker-end'].split('"')[1]

        let marker = document.querySelector(eleId)

        marker.childNodes[0].style.fill = customLineAndArrowColor

        marker.childNodes[0].style.stroke = customLineAndArrowColor

        visuals.childNodes[0].style.stroke = customLineAndArrowColor

        return res


    bpmnRenderer.drawConnection = customConnectionColor


Another way of changing the default colors is via configuration:

const bpmnJS = new BpmnJS({
  bpmnRenderer: {
    defaultFillColor: 'green',
    defaultStrokeColor: 'yellow'

Note that this changes the colors of all elements. If you only want to change the colors of connections you can either modify the renderer to always render connections in a custom color or modify the creation of connections so that they are created with a custom color attribute that the renderer can then pick up (already existing connections won’t be affected).

nobt, would you mind sharing your example ? I’m trying to do that in my project too : https://github.com/survivant/bpmn-demo

it would help you a lot… I’m not that familiar with javascript.

You can refer to this code to see if it can solve your problem https://github.com/nobt/bpmnjs-custom-line