I need something similar to this, has anyone done it?

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I need something similar to this, has anyone done it? I tried to access the link to this post but it is no longer available.

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Not sure if this was already the case in 2022, but BPMN-JS has been shipping with rounded corners for some time.

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This has already been implemented, if u wanna a soft curve, u can update the version of bpmn in 11.2.0 or higher. U can check the features list, there has a feature in drawLine function, they add a “radius” paramter to control the curve.


I’m using the “bpmn-js” version: “~17.2.1”, but I can’t implement it. Basically what I want is a connection with greater color and thickness and for it to be available in the components palette, I’ve already tried several ways, have you Is there an example I could follow, I’m trying it this way:


If u wanna change the style of connection, u can consider specific the bpmnRenderer config when u create Modeler.
The bpmnRenderer has limit support style, u can search the style attribute in their git repo to confirm whether the style attribute can be change in this way.

I have to say, there still a long way for them to better their doc. :slight_smile: