Html Elements are not rendered

I am using bpmn-js rendered to html file using webpack. When I run my html on the browser it thows the following:

webpack:///./node_modules/bpmn-js/lib/Viewer.js?:525 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendChild' of null
    at Viewer.attachTo (webpack:///./node_modules/bpmn-js/lib/Viewer.js?:525)
    at Viewer._init (webpack:///./node_modules/bpmn-js/lib/Viewer.js?:572)
    at new Viewer (webpack:///./node_modules/bpmn-js/lib/Viewer.js?:152)
    at eval (webpack:///./src/index.js?:109)
    at Module../src/index.js (main.js:1133)
    at __webpack_require__ (main.js:20)
    at main.js:84
    at main.js:87

Please any Help?

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You posted the same question in our issue tracker. Check out the issue and the solution described therein.

Please do not cross post your questions across different channels. It will waste everyones time and won’t get you to your answer quicker. Thanks.


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