How to use custom icon drag-drop in bpmnjs


I have used this link to to create custom Pallate Object

i have followed that ,what i want to try drag drop custom object

getPaletteEntries() {
    // console.log(, "getPaletteEntries", this.palette, this.originalPaletteProvider);
    return {
      coffitool: {
        group: 'tools',
        className: ['fa-coffee', 'fa'],
        title: 'coffi',
        action: {
          dragstart: (event) =>
         console.log( 'coffi!'+event),

I am able to get event but don’t get any idea how should i proceeds to start drag drop on custome object


i have also triyed

convert code to typescript ,but whenEver i am dropping object its giving


how did you resolve here, have you included any function like ( drag and drop ) under action element of coffitool or added any function to any other file!