How to use bpmnjs on java web application?

Hi all, i’m just find bpmnjs and demo online ( is great. I want to use bpmnjs as a js library on my java web application.
You can show me solution can do it?

Thanks you so much.

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Hey tunglk,

welcome in our forum! For examples on how to integrate into your project, please stick to here:

If you need further help, feel free to ask!

Thank Pedesen,
My question is innocent :innocent:
You can show me how to add some properties into bpmn element.
e.g: with userTask, i want add a form or group, user.

I can’t find apis of bpmn-js.
Thanks you again.

If you want to access BPMN properties in the code, you should take a look here:

Changing properties in the app will be possible in the future using the properties panel. You can check out how to implement it here, but it is still under development right now.

Hope that helps!

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Thank Pedesen for your powerful help :sunny: !

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