How to use bpmn tool offline

I am totally new to this.
I want to use this as a offline tool for making different flows.
Anyone plz help me how to use to use this.


Why don’t you use Camunda Modeler instead?

@oguzeroglu is it possible to perform the same functionality as like above link,
And one more think i have to use those functionality into my project is that possible.?

If yes, Can I perform different operation on that diagram like onclik of any particular shape I have to open an HTML page and save some data like that.
Or can I save that diagram, and later if needed can I edit that diagram.?

Thanks in advance…

Camunda Modeler is used to model BPMN/DMN diagrams. If you want full control over bpmn-js toolkit as you mentioned, please read here.

The section “Roll Your Own Modeler” is what you are looking for.

@TauFeeQ You can use prepackaged or node-style mode for offline usage

Read this links:

Node style