How to use bpmn-js viewer in angular application

i want to use bpmn-js viewer in angular. can anyone provide some sample code for it.

i am using angular 10.

I see you’ve successfully used the modeler: How to integrate token-simulation of bpmn-js with angular 10 application

How is using the viewer any different?

I feel it is different

while I am trying to use the viewer i got some errors like
error: no provider for contextpad
my main concern is to disable the editing of bpmn elements and palette should also be removed.

The viewer does not include the ContextPadModule (and many other modules that the Modeler does include). See Viewer and Modeler.

Use the viewer to embed BPMN 2.0 into your applications and enrich it with your data. Use the modeler to create BPMN 2.0 diagrams inside your application.

(See walkthrough)

Maybe the Viewer is sufficient for your use case? You can also add additional modules as needed (see Extend the Modeler section)

I found the solution similar.

any updates on this? I’m still not able to make it work

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