How to upgrade old version to new version bpmnio?

I have develop a tool with some addition functionality using bpmnio v0.12.1. And written code something like this

var BpmnJS = window.BpmnJS;
var bpmnjs = new BpmnJS({ container: '#canvas' });

used functions like
bpmnjs.importXML(response.bpmndata, function(err) { 

Now I downloaded your latest version v0.14.1. And all the previous code shows error like “bpmnjs not defined”.

  1. what to do ? Do I have to change all “bpmnjs” to “bpmnio.modeler.someFunction()” ?
  2. Will thing be changing in future versions also ?


Please, check out this answer for working example.

There should be no problems problems in upgrading from 0.12.1 to 0.14.1.


I am using bpmn-js-seed not npm.

Both of the projects/examples use bower.

May i know how to update the version using bower?

Please check bower API and/or look into available project release versions here.