How to turn off modeler functionalities

Hi, we need such a “viewer” which is a little bit more than a Bpmn.Viewer but less than a Bpmn.Modeler. And we think maybe we can introduce the Modeler first and block some functionality. So is there some apis available to turn off some Modeler functionalities? For example, a switch that can turn on or turn off the editorAction functionality.



using the Modeler and restrict certain features seems to be a good approach. There are different options to so, for example restrict the palette, the context pad or define rules. As a starting point we have a blog post which covers some use cases:

If you have more specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

There is also some documentation in bpmn-js:

Hi, thanks to your quick reply! Yes, I did try override some Providers and that helps a bit. But for prevent user interaction, for example to lock some mouse actions, e.g. drag, drop, draw etc. Do you have any suggestions on this?