How to set the model property of a child node in properties panel

hello guys,
i want to set an get the modelproperty of a child node in properties panel
how can i achieve it ?

Regarding your other topic, do you also already get a solution for this?

hi Niklas
and thank you for asking
i get a solution for getting data but i’m looking for a solution for setter

Like having a getter, you can also create a setter function.

   id: 'attribute',
   label: this.translate('attribute'),
   modelProperty: 'Attribute' ,
   get: function() { ... },
   set: function(element, values) { ... }

See this for further documentation. Make sure you really got the properties updated. The e.g. this example:

    // ...

    set: function(element, values) {
      var bo = element.businessObject;
      var newProps = { /* .... whatever from values **/ }
      return cmdHelper.updateBusinessObject(element, bo, props);


thanks again niklas ,
it works for me
the problem was that i passed only one parameter to the set function so when passing two values it works

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Great to hear! You’re welcome.

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