How to set label position in follow example?

The follow image is default, and if there are many sequenceFlow , the labels folding each other.

And This result is expected :slight_smile:

Set the aligin property such as left-middle,right-top was not work when the sequence flow folding like a right angle

What exactly is your question?

Thank you for reply.
I want to know how to place the label box of SequenceFlow on the position in second picture as default, and now it’s position is same as the first picture shows.
Maybe the meaning of the picture above is not clear ,please look at this picture.(Default setting)
Users can not know which task the label of sequenceflow belongs to.So I want place the labels on the right of SequenceFlow.(I have used right-top to set align in renderLabel.options of BpmnRenderer.js, and it only work in label a:1%, b,c,d,e label is not work)

What you’re observing is the expected behavior. Sequence flow labels are created at the center of their respective sequence flow. They are shapes on the diagram so using CSS properties is not possible.

What’s the issue with moving them to where you want them?

Thank you for reply.
Well, these sequence flow labels are generated by commandStack.exectute of PropertiesPanel, So I want to place them in where it meaning clear such as the place after the arrow symbol .As a developer I know whick task it belongs to ,so I can move it to the right place.But users do not know it belongs to ,they can’t move it rightly

There is no such functionality. You have to build it yourself.

Your mean that I have to modify diagramjs lib files?

This is where the labels position is determined:

You can change this behavior to whatever you want.

Thank you so much for help me:grin: