How to retrieve order of decision tables for a given DMN Diagram

I have a DMN Diagram (ex: Dish-Decision.dmn). I’m trying to retrieve print which edge is pointing to which shape. for instance, “Weather in Celsius” input data shape is pointing to “Season decision” decisionTable shape likewise I wanted to understand relationship of each and every shape that is participated in the DRD View.

Thank You

Assuming the following line gives DRD View

let drdView = this.dmnDiagramModeler.getActiveViewer()

drdView.element.dmnDI.diagrams[0].diagramElements --> This is giving me all elements that are participated in the DMN Diagram, but not able to establish relationship among these elements.

You’ll have to look into the business objects to find out about the decision requirements. I’ve created a small example:

const defintions = dmnJS.getDefinitions();

const { drgElement } = defintions;

const decision1 = drgElement.find(({ id }) => id === "Decision_1");

const { informationRequirement } = decision1;

informationRequirement.forEach(({ requiredDecision }) => {
  const { href } = requiredDecision;

  console.log(`${} requires ${href.replace("#", "")}`); // Decision_1 requires Decision_2

Awesome. Thank You for the Solution! I have testing with my application and working fine.