How to restrict overlapping behaviour


when gate way connects to multiple tasks ,few cases there is a chance to overlapping the two connectors,
my requirement should be both connectors should not overlap , i attached the second screen shot

Current behaviour:

Below one is expected behaviour

could you please guide us how to resolve this.

So your expected behavior is that you can’t see sequence flows behind elements?

Thanks for quick response on the post . The main problem here is overlapping the two task connectors ,
its ok sequence flows whether visible or invisible behind the element.

I don’t understand the layout. Why is the second task places behind the other, when it’s only connected to the gateway? Why not model it like this


in real time gateway has muliple outgoings (sometimes more than 25 + ) connections from gateway, that time connections are overlapping, I would like to know how to make a connection from gateway without overlapping
I attached screen shot with multiple outgoings from gateway

Expected Behaviour: (connections are not overlapped)


Current Behaviour:


This is the layout you’d expect? I don’t think that’s an improvement.

As for the question of how to avoid overlapping connections, bpmn-js doesn’t prevent it. You’d have to come up with your own layout algorithm for that.