How to rename Process Name dynamically during runtime?


I have bpmn model which is having predefined process id & Process name. But i want to change it dynamically while starting the process instance . Can anyone help me ?

Here is my model code :

  <bpmn:collaboration id="Collaboration_03cxq62">
         <bpmn:participant id="start" name="SomeName" processRef="executionOne" />

 <bpmn:process id="executionOne" name="SomeName" isExecutable="true" 

I am using spring boot to start my process instance.

Here is my code :

runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey("executionOne", variables);

This starts Properly. But When there is some task created, The Process Name By default always set as “SomeName

Is there any way i can change the process name during runtime or any other way ?

This is a cross post and has been answered here:

Thanks @ThorbenLindhauer.