How to remove html element separator from the tool menu?

Hello, people !
I’m trying to include the BpmnJS in my Angular application, but I want to remove the menu bar on the left, because it is displayed on top of my diagram. I try to remove the menu on the left using Custom Palette Provider for this purpose. I succeeded to delete entries, but the separator stayed on the screen like this:

Can anyone help me ?
Does anyone have any idea if I can delete this item ?

Do you want a viewer only or still be able to edit the diagram?

no edit, only viewer

Is there any way how to make this with Modeler, not Viewer - to remove menu bar, but to have the opportunity to expand the diagram ?

With expand the diagram do you mean that you can zoom and scroll? There is a navigated viewer for this purpose:

import NavigatedViewer from 'bpmn-js/lib/NavigatedViewer';
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not only - and movement of the individual elements (as well resize of the tasks)

So, a modeler with limited functionality? If you don’t need the palette you could either hide it through CSS (.djs-palette { display: none; } or by disabling the module:

const modeler = new Modeler({
  additionalModules: [
      palette: [ 'value', null ],
      paletteProvider: [ 'value', null ]