How to remove default template element from BPMNJS

I want to keep only few elements in the panel. need to delete remaining elements in the panel


as mentioned in the image. i want to keep only heighted elements in the panel. could anyone help me on this.

Hi @santoor, welcome!

You can do this via custom palette provider. This way you have control over the existing palette entries and can override them.

Cf. this sandbox

export default class CustomPaletteProvider {
  constructor(palette) {

  getPaletteEntries(element) {
    return function (entries) {

      return {
        "create.task": entries["create.task"],
        "create.subprocess-expanded": entries["create.subprocess-expanded"],
        "": entries[""]

CustomPaletteProvider.$inject = ["palette"];

Thanks for the solution. along with selected element , I want to add custom element to pallet.


highlighted one is custom task. and also can we have multiple custom service task with default values set

I want to create only custom tasks with default values. i donot want to keep any default elements in the panel

I think you can then simply use my answer from the other thread and modify the custom palette provider from this thread by your custom palette entries. Note that getPaletteEntries has to return a function to handle the existing entries (deletion, updating).

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Thanks in advance