How to remove a pool?

How can I remove the last pool from a diagram but keep the content?
I want to go back to a simple process without collaboration - but have no idea how to do that.

I cannot move the content outside of the pool and I cannot copy/paste. Do I miss an easy way to do this?


No solution there right now. I can think of two things:

  • wait for copy and paste (will solve that via copy, delete pool, paste)
  • provide a special “unwrap” morph option to remove the participant and keep only its contents

What do you think?

Both ways seems valid. The latter seems to be more consistent with what you do to remove lanes (there the content is always kept – which is a good thing to model with lanes).

I agree: remove the pool, and keep contents is the more consistent solution according to the behaviour dealing lanes.

Any news on this topic? Still facing this very regularly. Shall I create an issue for it?

Or is the current “solution” to copy all content, create a new diagram, paste it there and save it over the old diagram?

At least this worked for me :slight_smile: Not the most convenient way though, but also not a high prriority due to this workaround.

Yes, copy, create new, paste is a valid solution.