How to re-convert the page without import XML?

I have a BPMN like for example. When I switch to another page and then switch back to the original page, is there any way not to importXML again?
Because I want when I zoom or drag the flow position to another position will not be scaled back, but it will keep the state it was at first

Look forward to the help. Thank you very much


I am not sure I get the question.

So when opening a Browser Tab which has an BPMN modeler active and switching tabs, there should not happen a new importXML.

Or are you talking about moving elements in a BPMN, saving and then re-opening the file? In this case, many implementations use the align-to-origin module, which will always align a diagram to (0, 0) coordinates when saving.

Please share a more concrete example if you require more assistance.

Thank you for the feedback.
I have a project with 2 pages:

  • My 1 page contains BPMN
  • My page 2 will contain another handle.
    When I initially import XML, I move the flow from coordinates (0; 0) to (1; 1). Then I press the button page 2 to switch to page 2, when I press the back page 1 button, the flow page 1 converts to coordinates (0; 0)
    I expect that when I go back to page 1 the flow will remain at coordinates (1; 1) without returning coordinates (0; 0). Thank you, hope you can give me some suggestions or solutions to solve

I want when I reload the page it will still save the location when changing the same in this example, but when I use importXML it returns its original position. Look forward to the help, thanks very much.