How to push data from an angular app into dmn-js editor/viewer

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We are trying to include dmn-js with some customization into our angular application. Several of our use cases require that the angular app pushes data into dmn-js. An example use case would be to pass rule id’s from the app to dmn-js, then navigate to the respective decision table and highlight the rule. What are the best options for this (passing data into editor/viewer)

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Edit: 08/28/2020
Did some research in bpmn-js code base and found this example,

where an injected service is used as follows,
var overlays = viewer.get(‘overlays’)

I am taking this as one of the approach to get a custom service object (that i will inject using additionalModules) and pass on data to it, that way it can relay it back to other dmn-js modules/services.

Are there any other approaches?

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Creating custom, injectable services is one way. Next to additionalModules, you can also include additional configuration into your Viewer. One example are the expression languages.

Thank you for your response. I will take a look at it…