How to paint the "flow" connection lines, including the arrow ">"

Hi folks. I’m starting to use your library, for now, the NavigatedEditor.
I’m doing small changes, like stroke colors to indicate the ProcessFlow finished or current tasks.
I want to change the colors of the flow lines, but when I change the color of the flow line, the “arrow” at the right continues black. Look at this image:

I’m changing the color by this way:

v.get('canvas').addMarker(taskdef, 'finished-activiti');


.finished-activiti g.djs-visual >:nth-child(1) {
    stroke: rgb(248,152,40);

Is this a good approach? How can I change the flow line color?

Based on this StackOverflow answer it looks like coloring markers is not possible at the moment.

You would need to customize the rendering and replace the attached markers with colored ones.

Thank you for the fast answer Nikku!