How to model interrupting events?


I’m struggling with something: I’ve got a whole process modeled, representing an outbound call flow management, but now I need to model that when an inbound call comes in, the outbound flow should stop so that the inbound call gets answered.

How can I model this? It is an event (a single inbound call) that should stop the main process (the outbound call flow), and after it ends the main process should be resumed. Do I make myself clear?

All the help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You’d like to model a PAUSE?

I’m not aware of a standard pattern to do this. We’d need a little more background how your actual process looks like in order to be able to help you out.

Yes, I’d like to model a PAUSE and then I’d like to model a RESUME, after the event that triggered the PAUSE is terminated.

The process is a call flow management, where the main and most frequent path is the outbound call flow. And although the inbound call flow is the less frequent path, it has priority over the outbound call flow, and when it is activated it should result in the PAUSE of the outbound call flow 'till it is terminated, and then a RESUME of the outbound call flow path, from the beggining.

Basically, how do I model that there is a path that has priority over the other?