How to model child process back to parent

Hi All,
I am very new to BPMN notation and I am trying capture something related to parent and child process. Here is my scenario.

I have a system process called Task B (which will create a Task for a user and mark it as In-Progress). A user will now take an action on this Task B - Either user will mark the task as Completed or Pending.
When user marks the Task B as Completed, process will be stopped.
When user marks the Task B as Pending, a child flow will execute business rules and resetting the Task B status a ‘In Progress’ - Meaning the whole process is back to where it started.

My confusion here is, if I join Child process to Task B, it will be depicted as Create new Task B and flow continues. But I just want to denote that on certain attributes of Task B are changed.

I am attaching both bpmn and a diagram for clarification. Kindly help

Thank you,

parentchild.bpmn (11.1 KB)