How to mapping fork paths from subprocess to process

Hi there,

I am quiet new in BPMN 2.0 I have started learning BPMN recently. I have searched for solution for my problem but I have not found one. The thing is that I got proces and subprocess. The subprocess ends with one of the many possible paths (xor gateway). I wonder how can I model that paths in process? Should I repeat the xor gateway in process level? For example I got subprocess with activity 1 and 2
and process with activity A or end state. Path from activity 2 should goes to A activity and path from activity 1 to end state


If I get it correctly, you want to choose path after subprocess has finished based on its outcome. You cannot create outgoing sequence flows from the end events of the subprocess, but you can place a XOR gateway immediately after subprocess. Then, for example via process variables assigned in the subprocess, you can decide which way the token should follow.

For further assistance, please share your diagram.