How to make ctrl+A to select only bpmn shapes?

i want to make select only bpmn shapes in canvas , when i hit ctrl+A, i saw it is working fine in, in my app, it is selecting not only shapes and text of the webpage, I need only shapes in canvas

could you inform me how to select only bpmn shapes

Hi @Chandishwar,

did you bind the keyboard to your Modeler?

var modeler = new BpmnModeler({
  keyboard: {
    bindTo: document

ya i did the above, but it selecting not only the elements in canvas, it is selecting the text out side the canvas .i want to select only elements in canvas as like in

The code I posted is the correct way to bind the keyboard actions to the Modeler. Are any other keyboard actions available in your app? Maybe can you share your full setup?

I think I got solution, thanks for ur inputs

Do you mind sharing your solution?

@HostListener(‘window:keydown’, [’$event’])
if ((event.keyCode === 65 || event.keyCode === 95) ) {
const editorActions = this.bpmnJsModules.editorActions;
return false;

Not sure why such workaround is needed. Seems like parts of your application mess with global key events.