How to make (0,0) show like the demo

How to make (0,0) show like the demo

Use diagram-js-origin to draw the cross hair or roll your own.

Thank you very much!!!

But how to use this method in the example of properties-panel?
I used it in the app/index.js like: require(‘diagram-js-origin/lib/configure-origin’)(canvas);
It has an error , Could you tell me how the canvas should be?

the error is Uncaught TypeError: canvas.getLayer is not a function;

Thanks in advance !

Use it as a bpmn-js extension:

var OriginModule = require('diagram-js-origin');
var BpmnJS = require('bpmn-js');

var bpmnJs = new BpmnJS({
  additionalModules: [

It works. Thank you !
If I want to add a button to move it to the left-top position like the dome( zoom reset button), how to achieve it, which method should I use and how to use it?
And do you have the API of the to teach me how to achieve the button of the dome?
Thanks a lot!

Please open new topics for unrelated follow up questions.

ok, I’ll do it.thank you !