How to handle large process variables

Hi all,
we are using bpmn-js-properties-panel with element templates to define a user task. One input-field (binding type camunda:inputParameter) contains a json-string which is exceeding the maximum of 4000 characters for a process variable. That means, that we run into a database error after starting the process (and when we reach this user task).

So we need to find another solution for this. But for now I am running out of ideas, so I hope someone else had similar issues and was able to solve it :slight_smile:

Things what I tried:

  • Use a map instead of text in the element template cause our json data could be stored also as map. After reading some forum posts, I think its still not possible to define Maps in element templates (See here).
  • Forking the bpm-properties-panel and define a custom element template type. -> I was not able to find a way to manipulate the process variable type on tab Input/Output so I can store a map instead of a text/script
  • Add a customPreBPMNParseListeners in the processEngine, so I can manipulate the userTask after deployment of the process definition. -> I was able to get the process variable within parseUserTask, but I cannot manipulate the provided xml data.

So, is it possible somehow to solve this issue on modeler or process engine site?

Best Regards

Hi @Alex,

I think your question will be better placed in the Camunda Modeler forum, since besides the possibility of extending the bpmn-js-properties-panel there you will find help for engine specific questions.