How to get the packaged version of bpmn-js-nyan project?

I am able to run the bpmn-js Nyan Project using the instructions given in the project. But, I want to have a packaged version of this project with app.js with GruntFile. can any one please suggest me the steps ?

The build should generate a packaged version. What did you try?

The build doesnt create a dist folder as how other bpmn js example project does

You are right about this.

It is very similar to other bpmn-js examples though. Simply adopt i.e. the modeler example with bpmn-js-nyan.

Thanks Nikku.

I am trying the same. Do we require Knowledge on Grunt to adopt modeler example with bpmn js-nyan ?

You require decent knowledge about JavaScript and Grunt, yes.

I have adopted the nyan project with modeler project. The error im getting is > Uncaught Error: Cannot find module ‘fs’. Please suggest me the necessary work around to resolve fs module

Soo, any news on this topic? I’m trying to include the resize-all-module in my project, but I need to generate the package with ‘grunt auto build’. I was not able to do it =/

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