How to get SVG object from Viewer?

Is it possible to get SVG as an object from Viewer? I only found using canvas._svg but this is accessing private variable of canvas. Is there any other way?

You may try Viewer#saveSVG which serves exactly your purpose. The following should work:

var bpmnJS = new BpmnViewer(...);


bpmnJS.saveSVG(function(err, svg) {
  // do stuff with the SVG

This is something that I want to avoid. I already have saveXML that switches between modeler and viewer. Also, I’m not sure how this will affect SVG that is already rendered on the canvas.

Why would you like to avoid it?

Because currently I have code like this.

modelerEventBus.on("import.done", function () {
	modeler.saveXML({format: false}, function (error, xml) {
		viewer.importXML(xml, function () {

I don’t want to complicate even further this functions with saveSVG

All right then :wink:.