How to get reference to PopUpMenu?

I want to add popups to some elements on my diagram, for that I’m trying to retrive the diagram.js PopUpMenu library by doing:

var BpmnViewer = window.BpmnJS;
var viewer = new BpmnViewer({ container: ‘#canvas’ });
var popupMenu = viewer.get(‘popUpMenu’)

But the last line fails with: ‘injector.js:15 Uncaught Error: No provider for “popUpMenu”! (Resolving: popUpMenu)’

Shouldn’t this be the way to add popups??

It may be that the popupMenu is not part of the viewer. Did you verify this, i.e. try whether this works with the modeler distribution?

Effectively it’s available on the modeler but not on the viewer.
Is there any way to be able to use it on the viewer?