How to get dependencies for viewer via CDN?

Hey guys.

Is there a possibility to get required dependencies via CDN?

I want to create a simple self contained HTML page using (comparable to - but this uses Webjars to get the libraries) without any third party requirements (like npm/bower/Maven build).

Like I can do with Bootstrap - where I just add:

Maybe we have an example - but I haven’t found it in Github by a first look.


You’d need to put it up on a CDN yourself. Another option is to use rawgit that allows you to serve the files cached in their CDN, taken right from GitHub. Doing so requires you to browse a relese tag from our bower bundle and put a tagged version of the file into rawgit.

Note that you should never put in a snapshot (i.e. master version) because that is going to be cached infinitely by clients accessing the URL.

An example would be adding

which is being served CDN-style as

Great - rawgit of a tag of the bower distribution is perfectly fine for my use case :slight_smile: Maybe I adjust our standalone HTML example to use this to have example code out there somewhere.