How to extend bpmn with some new features?

Hi guys,

I am quite new to the bpmn library, but as a part of a project I need to extend and enhance it by adding a few features such as “versioning” , diffing, and use it as a webapp.

I am just trying to look for some general information what would be the best starting point for this, and which library could I use to enhance it with the mentioned feature?

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have a look at the walkthrough and the examples to get started with bpmn-js. For features such as diffing and versioning you would probably build these features outside of bpmn-js itself.

Thank you @philippfromme. I shall have a look and let you know if I need any specific help I will get back to you.

Hi ,

Was just going through the examples, and the URL viewer example doesn t seem to be working.
Once I serve the application via a web server and try to load the complex.bpmn diagram provided in resources nothing happens.
Am I missing something?


Did you install the packages? (jquery + bpmn-js)

If no, you need nodeJS (to use npm) and :

  • npm install bower
  • bower install

then you can use the viewer


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Hi @etha_qnix, thanks for the reply.
I did manage to resolve the problem!