How to end into another process

Hello everyone

I have a question on how to end a BPMN process diagram when it ends by starting another / following process. The example below shows my dilemma:

I have a standard process for ordering clothes. But if it is an international order, I want to end this process and start the “order clothes international” process.


The current drawing has no end-node for the flow in international orders. Is this allowed or do I always need a end-node?

Can I just place and end-node at the end of that flow? In my understanding that would be wrong, because I would wait for the international order to be finished in order to end the process… So what is the right procedure here?

Thanks for your help and have a great week.

Hi @silverhammer ,

If you want your first process to end after starting the second one, don’t use a call activity/sub-process. The first process will wait for the second one to finish.

If you change the start event into a Message Start Event, you can use a Send Task or a Message Throw Event to start the international order process.