How to display all elements when integrated to a application?

Hello , I’ve successfully integrated a BPMN modeling tool into my application using HTML and JavaScript, and it works well. However, I’ve noticed that when I try the same tool online, I have access to a broader set of BPMN elements, including ‘User Task,’ ‘Service Task,’ and others. In my local application, only a limited set of elements is available. What steps should I take to ensure that the full range of BPMN elements is accessible in my application, similar to the online version? Are there specific configurations or updates I need to implement?

All Elements should be available by default. How do you integrate the modeler? Did you include the necessary css styles? See also the Link below. You have to click the wrench icon to replace elements with different types.


For further assistance, please share a CodeSandbox that reproduces your issue in a way that we can inspect it.

thank you , @Martin for you suggestion i have dealt with this problem