How to Deploy the bpmn file and start process in Custom BpmnJS & Angular UI

How to Deploy the Camunda 8 bpmn file and start process in Custom Angular & BpmnJS UI. May I know the Camunda 8 REST api url’s for Deploy the Bpmn file and start process in Self Managed Modeler.

Thanks in Advance.


It looks like your question is not related to our project or one of our toolkits. For questions regarding other tools please refer to their respective communication channels. If your question is about the Camunda platform or the Camunda Modeler, please head over to the Camunda forum for assistance.

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Thank you :sunny:

Hi @Kishore,

there is no Rest API available for process deployment or process instance start in Camunda 8.

You can use a JavaScript library to invoke the GRPC API for your purpose.

Here is a list of available JavaScript clients: JavaScript/NodeJS | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

Hope this helps, Ingo