How to customize the placeholder of connection?

I want to make connection placeholder like:

Current It works in BPMN
chrome-capture-2022-8-1 (1)

Need to remove snapping and L shape connection.
I could get the event connect.move. Is there any solution to get the right event or something?


Do you mean the preview that shows how the connection would look like after creation?

There is a diagram-js module that is doing that (ConnectionPreview). If you want to override this behavior, you’d need to override this module.

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@Niklas_Kiefer Could you attach the example code for customConnectionPreview?

Appreciate it if you share the example code here. :pray:

I don’t have any example code available, unfortunately. The best way would be to start with the existing connection preview module and override the parts you need. Overriding this module should work as for any other module.

Let me try it. Thank you! :pray:

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