How to customize simulator token logs

Ladies and gentlemen, there is the possibility to capture the logs of each node, as input and output fields and return them in the token simulator log table


I need to capture the attributes added by the property panel, so far I haven’t found anything related within the scope


The log is not customizable. You could build your own based on the existing one. The inputs and outputs can be found by looking into the businessObject of an element.

const { businessObject } = element;

const extensionElements = businessObject.get('extensionElements')?.get('values');

if (!extensionElements) return;

const ioMapping = extensionElements.find(extensionElement => {
  return is(extensionElement, 'zeebe:IoMapping');

if (ioMapping) {
  // ...

You can see what the structure looks like by looking at zeebe-bpmn-moddle/zeebe.json at master · camunda/zeebe-bpmn-moddle · GitHub.

Thanks, got it, Do you have or know any examples of this where I can see it working, some codesandbox for example

I’d suggest you look at the implementation: bpmn-js-token-simulation/Log.js at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-token-simulation · GitHub

Thank you, I had already managed to do it, I override this module, to be able to customize it in a way that meets our requirements

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