How to custom modeler bundle with pre-packaged version of bpmn-js?

I learned about custom-bundle example in bpmn-js-examples project. This example extends the bpmn-js viewer, generate a UMD bundle of custom viewer.

I followed this example and tried to customize bpmn-js modeler multiple times, but I didn’t get the correct result, when the mouse moves over, the element rendering is not normal.

Here is the result image.

Below is my project code.

Who can point out or correct my mistakes? Thanks very much!

Did you include all required CSS files? This looks like an already solved problem.

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Thanks for your info. I will find where I loss css, and have a try.

Yes, you’re right. Although I have been debugging for several days, I have ignored references to CSS files. After I add the css, everything is normal now. Thx.

I’m a new form user, can’t post more than 2 links, just post css file name.

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