How to create XML or Object tree

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I want create XML or object tree with some inputs. Like I want to create BPMN diagram for that I have some inputs can I create XML using bpmn-js.

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Thank you @Niklas_Kiefer Will provide more details.

Want to create a diagram which has Start Event -> Some Task (create folder) - > End Event.
For task I have input josn which has inputs like where this folder gets created and what name should be given to folder. How can I generate object tree from input json.

Can you elaborate on how this “Object tree” should look like?

Its structure should be same which importXML() method does.

Like this
id: ‘StartEvent_1’,
x: 100,
y: 100,
width: 50,
height: 50,
businessObject: {
$attrs: Object
$parent: {
$attrs: Object
$parent: ModdleElement
$type: ‘bpmn:Process’
flowElements: Array[1]
id: ‘Process_1’
isExecutable: false
$type: ‘bpmn:StartEvent’
id: ‘StartEvent_1’

Are you already familiar with this object representation we use internally? I’d recommend to have a look at bpmn-moddle and moddle-xml.