How to create StartEvent with another event


I would like to extend the PaletteProvider to create e.g. StartEvent with MessageEvent. I added this into PaletteProvider

‘create.start-event’: createAction(
‘bpmn:StartEvent’, ‘start-event’, ‘icon-01-none-start’, ’ ', { eventdefinitions: ‘bpmn:MessageEventDefinition’ }

but it doesn’t work. If i try load some bpmn with MessageEvent, it works fine. Is there some problem with my code?

Very appreciate any help.

Thank you,


Hi Ales,

Before we go into technical details, does the following information make your question obsolete.

This week, or at latest next week we will release a new version of This will include the ability to model message events.


Hi Robert,

thank you for your message. I resolved this issue today, but your solution will be propably better. So I check it after new release.

Now I would like to resolve painting of Lane and Participant.