How to create Parallel Gateway in Modeler


When I try to create a new BPMN diagram, the modeler only gives me a very limit elements I can choose such as Task and Exclusive Gateway. How can I put a Parallel Gateway, Inclusive Gateway or Error into the modeler? I am quite sure modeler can support it because the demo pizza collaboration diagram has rich elements on it. I just cannot find any document about this.


Hi Iams,

at the moment there is no UI to create specializations of tasks, events and gateways. We will ship this with the next release (ETA 2-3 week).
Modelling options for Collaborations and Boundary events will follow in later releases.

Hi lams, has a BPMN viewer/renderer and a modeler. The viewer is able to display all BPMN symbols, ragardless of the tool, they have originally been created with.

The modeler does not yet support all BPMN symbols. The symbols you see are the symbols you can model in the current state. A parallel gateway is not yet possible.

The good news: we are currently working on more BPMN support, which also includes the parallel gateway. We will release that functionality within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Here is a little sneak preview:



Thanks for your answers. I am excited to see the new feature in the next release. Do you have the next release branch in github so that I can try out by myself without waiting for another 2-3 weeks?


@lams Nope, not yet. We plan to add some sneak preview features some time in the future though.

Thanks, Nikku. I am looking forward to the next release.

So what’s the difference between the modeler and the viewer? Will the modeler in ultimately be used to create executable code?

Hi Evleos,

Good question, because that might not be as clear as we thing.

The difference between modeler and viewer is not so much about executable code.

So what’s it about? Viewer
Based on the BPMN 2.0 XML the viewer is able to display (=render/show) a BPMN diagramm in a browser.

Example Use Case:
You have created a BPMN diagramm in some standalone modeling tool. And you want to build a web application showing that BPMN diagramm in the browser. modeler
The modeler is for creating new BPMN diagrams or for modifying existing ones.

Examples Use Case:
You are sitting in a workshop and decide to document your results using BPMN.

Does that serve as an answer to your question?


Hi, the version with support for parallel gateway is now available ? Thank You.

Change the type of a gateway to a parallel, exclusive, inclusive or event-based gateway via the context pad:


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thanks, I didn’t know this.

I am also looking for this changes. I want parallel Gateway by default