How to create Lane in modeler

Hi, I want create a Lane, but I don’t know how I can do it. Help me please.

Not possible yet, sorry ;-). We will work on it as part of our next milestones.

+1 I am looking for this feature as well. This pizza collaboration demo seems to do what I am trying to do.

I downloaded the demo and looked at the xml in the chrome app to try and edit the schema of a BPMN diagram created in the application. The element that looks like the one want to add to my diagram is <semantic:laneSet id=“ls_6-438”>. I noticed that the all the elements in the pizza collaboration example begin with semantic and all the elements in the BPMN diagram that was created in the application begin with bpmn, e.g.: <bpmn:participant id=“Participant_1gi1sl4” name=“Supervisor” processRef=“Process_1” />.

Is there anywhere I can look at the available element types in the bpmn schema (is this a schema?) so that I can try to find the equivelant to a lane set so that I can add this manually until the tool is updated to allow me to add lanes?

Hi Chris,

First of all: we are aware of the fact that not being able to add lanes is a drawback of our current solution. Currently we are working on boundary events and activity markers which is also missing. After this functionality is realeased we will start working on the lanes.

If you are not an expert in the BPMN 2.0 xml it will be very difficult to add lanes manually to the xml. This is due to the fact that the XML is quite complex and that there are a lot of references that you have to set manually - especially for lanes. Feel free to dig into this based on the OMG’s official documentation of BPMN:

Or just wait until we will release lane modelling in the next months.


Lanes have been released, have fun using them and give us feedback.


Chrome plugin support?

Chrome plugin support has not yet been released. Will follow this year.

What might be interesting: we are currently working on a new desktop app for BPMN modeling which offers a better integration into the operating system (e.g. BPMN file type association for *.bpmn files).

The release is due end of November

Regarding Chrome Plug-In support:

We just released a new version of the Chrome App containing lanes and all other features from 0.12.1.

Check it out here: