How to commit the current editing changes


  • Create a task
  • Double click into the task
  • type in some text
    => task remains in edit mode
  • Next click on export bpmn or svg
    => task remains still in edit mode

The exported bpmn or svg doesn’t contain the new text from the task since it wasn’t commited yet. The user has to click outside first in order to commit the changes in the task before exporting a file.

What API call can I use in order to accept the changes in the task?

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Is this related to this issue? Sounds like it.

Yes, it looks like there is a connection to the other issue.

Are you aware of an API Call to accept the changes before exporting, so that I can solve this issue my self at least?

The direct editing box currently only commits on blur.

It can be completed manually using the DirectEditing service:

var directEditing = bpmnJS.get('directEditing');

// any point in time

Thank you. That helps!