How to Automate the BPMN using selenium Webdriver Automation tool

After drag and drop the BPMN Elements into the Design field, I unable to locate the dragged out elements in the Design field.

Xpath or CSS locator are not finding the elements

Please support me in how to locate the elements

What exactly do you want to test?

I want to automate the workflow using connectors and others Bpmn elements using selenium web driver.During that process ,the elements dragged into the design module are not getting located by the standard xpath or css locators. The elements dragged are displayed as x and y please suggest me how to proceed further…

So you want to programmatically create BPMN processes?

Yes, i want to automate the workflow programmatically

For testing purposes or why are you using Selenium?

Yes for Test Automation , I am using Selenium Webdriver Automation tool

If you really want to select elements using CSS selectors you can use data-element-id.

An element looks like this:

<g class="djs-element djs-shape" data-element-id="Task_1"...>
    <g class="djs-visual">

Alternatively you can always use the element registry.