How to allow users to select and copy note texts?

Hey, I am looking to enable users to copy text from notes within a diagram. Some of these notes may contain a command to execute or a link to another page that they should be able to select and copy. I am utilizing a NavigatedViewer and am seeking to override the default behavior of initiating a drag operation upon clicking the canvas. Instead, when a note is selected, I would like to allow for text selection. I have located a method for setting the currently selected note as follows:

eventBus.on('', (event) => {
  if (event.element.type === 'bpmn:TextAnnotation') {
    const object = event.element.businessObject;

Additionally, I have found some CSS which allows for text selection:

text.djs-label {
  user-select: text !important;
  pointer-events: auto !important;

However, in order for this to function properly, I must also set the parent sibling rect to pointer-events: none. Without this, the pointer event does not reach the text element.

Does anyone know how to do this?