How to allow users to move the palette toolbar in modeler

When more custom palettes are added, or when resizing the window, the toolbar does not adjust its contents (responsively) and sometimes this causes its to overflow beyond the window.

How to allow the palette toolbar be moved by the user (similar to dragging a shape on the window by the mouse) so that it stays out of the way or fully visible etc?

Or at least allowing the user to resize the palette toolbar so that its content can be made fully visible on the window? How to achieve it?

Have you tried using CSS for that?

CSS ? Not sure how CSS allows user to grab the toolbar and place it anywhere he wants it dynamically? Am I missing something?

Currently the palette-bar is fixed somewhere on the screen and does not allow to be moved by the user. The requirement is to allow users to move it wherever they want, just like they do shapes on the canvas, and if possible to also allow them to resize it (with mouse)

The toolbar is has an absolute position and a width set through CSS. There is no built-in feature that allows you to change these values through user interaction but you can easily add it.