How to add scrollbar

I’ve been struggling to add the horizontal & vertical scrollbar within the canvas.
how to achieve that?. seriously its became so hectic to add that scrollbar…

forum: How to add canvas horizontal and vertical scrolling



somebody help us!!!..


What is your use case? Note that the navigated viewer is an infinite canvas which can be navigated via grab movement.

Hi barmac,

The canvas is infinite. Is there any possibility to set a specific height and width for the canvas?

The actual problem is that when I draw more than 15 to 30 activity boxes in a row, we want to print that diagram. When looking at the PDF, the diagrams are very small, and we cannot even see the text inside the boxes.

As far as I know there’s no API to limit the diagram size. Perhaps you could disallow to add shapes outside of given bounds, but I’d expect it to be error prone.